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“Puspanjali” - not just a name, but an institution that stands as a symbol of unique social organization proactively participates in driving serious and meaningful charitable, religious, medical and other social activities for needy persons of the society. With gala celebration of the Silver Jubilee era, today we are in the verge of completing three decades of our foundation. From the colourful memories of past, we would like to pen down our heart touching experience of the journey right from birth, nurturing and growth of “Puspanjali”

With empty pockets and heavy hearts, seven friends on the courtyard of Bara Mandirji of Kolkata contemplated to found a volunteer organisation with the object of becoming useful to our society. The main driving principle was Serving, Caring and Cooperating in social functions for upliftment and betterment of the community.

They did their first interactive meeting with various youths of our community near Bara Mandirji. During the course of meeting it was decided to set up a volunteer organisation and its naming ceremony was done in the meeting as “ PUSPANJALI”. The day - was the golden day of nirvana of Lord Parasnath, the Moksha Saptami.

With an aim to strengthen the motive, the founders and the patrons started meetings in 72, Nalini Seth Road , Bara Bazar area of Kolkata. To meet the objectives, the founders started enrolling members for Puspanjali. During the course of meetings with the members on various occasion many resolutions were made to contribute generously by giving time and resources.

With a generous donation given by the Donors, the Committee is able to give their best services to our society. It is indeed our fortune to see a small seed of Puspanjali has become a big tree with wide branches to serve our community. We always pray to the Almighty to provide enough strength so that we continue to achieve new excellence in work.

It is a salute to all donors, all dedicated members, past and present Committee members, well wishers for their relentless effort, passion and compassion for the betterment of our community members creating bonding among them.

Our main motto is commitment to provide Quality & cost effective treatment and patient care ensuring timely, efficient services with Quality Management System. We have been awarded “ISO 9001-2008” certification for Quality Management services. We are obliged to mention that our Medical department keeps abreast of the latest advance in medical technologies. Extending selfless service to the poor and needy people is one of our prime objectives. With this spirit of service, we had started a Medical Unit right at the year of its inception. The medical unit is having latest equipments, apparatus and appliances operated by trained staff and is attended and supervised by renowned experts, specialists and medical professionals of the city. Puspanjali charges a nominal fee, for its medical services. Some of the needy patients are even treated free of cost. Every patient visiting for medical services is treated equally, without any discrimination of caste, creed or religion.

To sum up , we feel proud to state that many of our achievements are excellent in proving social services.

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